SO Light

Lighting is essential to admiring beauty as it creates ambiance and enhances the mood of a space. CLIPSO® offers solutions to incorporate lighting into your ceiling and wall projects. Create a distinct design element with our Translucent coverings, which are available in three levels of translucency: 30%, 50% and 70%. Or incorporate excellent acoustic properties into your design with our Acoustic Translucent coverings. All variations can also be custom printed. Adding a light source behind the covering creates a perfect design element for small or large-scale applications.

Download a copy of the SO Light brochure here.

Lighting Options

CLIPSO offers two 12-volt options for illuminating your project: Luminous Surface Lighting and LED Perimeter Lighting. Each has specific qualities that suit them to particular designs and constructions. A CLIPSO project manager can help select the appropriate lighting method according to your project needs.

Luminous Surface Lighting

luminous surface lighting

  • Ability to light any architectural surface
  • Uniform light over large-scale installations
  • Energy efficient: low power consumption and minimum heat generation
  • Flicker-free dimming, tunable white control
  • Can be cut, sized and shaped
  • Constant voltage design powers up to 50 square feet with complete uniformity
  • Ideally suited for tight spaces with low set-back to 2’’ (50 mm)

LED Perimeter Lighting

LED Perimeter lighting

  • Lighting is contained inside the frame
  • Provides an even light flow of up to 16’
  • Specifically designed with a 10° light spread
  • Clean and uniform look
  • Customizable frame configurations
  • Makes relocating easy
  • Lower material cost
  • Lower installation cost
  • Long lasting lamps

Download a copy of the Illumination brochure here.

illuminated ceiling