Gallery of Artists

Gallery Of Artists

Let Our Artists Inspire You With Their Original Works of Art!

Over the years we have established partnerships with artists of different mediums including painters, photographers and graphic artists. We have assembled a fascinating and alluring gallery of images for you to pore over. We hope you enjoy this very special collection.

Peruse our Gallery of Artists to find what inspires you. Once you have selected your image(s) of choice, contact us at for a personalized quote.

Annaïck Guitenny

Baleine Rouge


Gérald Thierry

Katharina Etter

Luc Borell

Muriel Despiau

Pauline Cottereau

Planet Observer

Renaud Van Der Meeren

Svetlana Kuliskova

Tarun Mathur

Téo Jasmin

Valérie Ghévart

Vincent Rustuel

This wonderful gallery of images is further complemented by the performance-driven CLIPSO® system, with capabilities such as acoustic optimization, luminous and custom shapes possibilities. And with CLIPSO’s wide-width printing, you can cover spans up to 16’ wide by 150’ long without joints or seams. The installation in quick, clean and environmentally-safe.

So adorn your interiors with images from world-renowned artists and photographers. For the ultimate in design and function, combine the beauty of art with the performance expertise of CLIPSO.