Design Collections

Design Collections

CLIPSO® is proud to provide you with these attractive and customizable Design Collections.

CLIPSO® Design Collections include a myriad of repeating patterns and graphics. What sets this gallery apart from the rest is that each image or graphic can be customized to suit your mood or color scheme. If you like one pattern, but really needed a different color palette than you see, just reach out and have our graphic design experts help create exactly what you are looking for.

Peruse our Design Collections to find what inspires you. Once you have selected your image(s) of choice, contact us at for a personalized quote.

Autumn 2018

Powdery Pink

Distant Horizons

Summer 2018

Material Effects

Spring 2018

Autumn 2017

Summer 2017

Spring 2017

Winter 2017

Summer 2016

These customizable design elements are then complemented by the performance-driven CLIPSO system, with capabilities such as acoustic optimization, luminous and custom shapes possibilities. And with CLIPSO’s wide-width printing, you can cover spans up to 16’ wide by 150’ long without joints or seams. The installation in quick, clean and environmentally-safe.

So adorn your interiors with beautiful and completely customized ceilings and walls. For the ultimate in design and function, combine the beauty of art with the performance expertise of CLIPSO.