AEROCEILING by CLIPSO is a suspended frame system also referred to as “clouds.” Used for decorative, acoustic, or illumination purposes, clouds are the ultimate design expression. AEROCEILING cloud systems are 100% customizable. They can adapt to any design specifications and shapes in conjunction with the appropriate CLIPSO profiles. AEROCEILING frames can be designed to incorporate acoustic and/or backlighting solutions. You can create your own look with our custom printing services.

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• Provides an attractive acoustic solution
• 100% customizable
• Integrated lighting
• Easy installation process
• Suitable for walls, ceilings, and partitions
• Wide selection of sizes- small to large surfaces
• Custom print capabilities
• Access to plenum

AEROCEILING is proudly assembled in the United States to ensure high quality and the fastest lead times available. AEROCEILING clouds can be shipped as finished frames or “kitted” for quick and easy assembly on-site.

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aeroceiling customizable ceiling clouds

aeroceiling clouds

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aeroceiling wall frame

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