Saskatoon Airport Terminal, Canada

Saskatoon Airport Terminal

Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Date: 2013

  • Architect: Kindrachuk Agrey

  • Installer: Snaptex Can West

airport terminal acoustic ceiling panels airport terminal acoustic ceiling panels 2

Kindrachuk Agrey Architecture chose to use CLIPSO® acoustic ceilings for its Saskatoon International Airport Terminal project. The efficiency and convenience offered by the CLIPSO product, with its fast and easy installation process, made CLIPSO the obvious choice for the CLIPSO Certified Installer Snap-Tex Can West, who installed this project in just two weeks. They used CLIPSO 495 D Acoustic Fabric for 11 separate panels, of which the largest was 65ft x 16ft. Ten others, measuring 9ft x 22ft each, were installed in a line around the terminal, completing the design.