Mellow Mushroom, North Carolina

Mellow Mushroom Restaurant

Charlotte, NC

  • Date: 2011

  • Architect: Tobin Starr and Partners

  • Installer: Warco Construction

  • Photography: Rick Tanner

acoustic custom print AEROCEILING

Three suspended ceiling clouds were designed by Tobin Starr & Partners, inspired by the flying carpets in Tales of the Arabian Nights. CLIPSO’s acoustic solution appealed to the restaurant’s management, who wished to find a printable,customizable covering providing acoustic optimization. WARCO Construction, a certified CLIPSO installer, used CLIPSO 495D acoustic fabric as well as the P-C10 and P-CC profiles for the three ceilings; one measuring 9 ft x 20 ft, and the other two measuring 6.5 ft x 13 ft. It took only four days: two days to fit the profiles and coverings and two days to integrate the audiovisual elements into the panels.

acoustic custom print ceiling cloud acoustic custom print AEROCEILING cloud