Corporate Office, Detroit

Corporate Office

Detroit, MI

  • Date: 2015

  • Installer: Sachse Construction

  • Designer: Carmelina Barreto

  • Independent Rep: S & S Resources, Inc.

corporate office AEROCEILING

This newest outpost for a national CPA firm faced many challenges as it is located in an historic skyscraper in downtown Detroit. The poured concrete interiors allowed limited possibilities. The interior design team brought light and function using CLIPSO® AEROCEILING® clouds in the grid pattern cavities in the ceilings. The backlit aluminum frames used CDA50 profiles and a double ply membrane using 50% Translucent 308 T fabric for the visible face and 70% Translucent 309 T fabric for the dust layer.

corporate office AEROCEILING backlit corporate office backlit ceiling tile corporate office backlit ceiling