CLIPSO® Manufacturer Warranty

Guarantee Terms and Limitations

The Manufacturer, hereinafter known as CLIPSO® Americas, Inc.
guarantees, for a period of ten years, that the goods are free from any
defect that could affect their resistance to heat and cold or affect their
colors in the normal conditions of exposure to light, to the exclusion of any
other guarantee of any other type. It is hereby expressly agreed that the
products shall be installed by professional installers trained in the
installation techniques specific to CLIPSO products. The vendor shall not
be liable in any way if the goods are not installed by such personnel.

The Manufacturer shall have no liability in the following cases:
• Defects due to a design made specifically by the customer.
• Defects resulting entirely or partly from normal wear, damage or
accidents attributable to the customer or third party.
• Product modification.
• Abnormal or atypical use or use that does not comply with good
workmanship or the requirements and recommendations of CLIPSO.
• Installation by personnel with no training in the specific installation
techniques of CLIPSO as stated above.
• Installation of the product where exposed directly to weather and/or
direct sunlight.
• Defects during and after the installation of the CLIPSO Coverings
using other manufacturers’ profiles/track rather than the CLIPSO

The customer shall indemnify the Manufacturer against any claim from its
insurers or other parties with whom it has contractual relations on the
Manufacturer or its insurers beyond the limits and exclusions above. The
Manufacturer’s guarantee shall always be limited to the replacement of all
or part of the goods recognized to be defective, to the exclusion of any
liability or compensation for any reason. The third-party liability of the
Manufacturer for any cause other than injury or serious misconduct shall
be limited to an amount equal to the payment received for the sale of the


Download a PDF copy of the CLIPSO® Americas Inc. Warranty here.