Commercial Walls

Custom Commercial Wall Coverings

Renovating with a stretch wall

We create custom wall coverings for innovative commercial and public project designs.
Make any renovation vision a reality.

CLIPSO® excels at renovating public or commercial spaces by optimizing the acoustics while personalizing the space. With the flexible nature of the product, it can be incorporated into virtually any space without losing the integrity of any existing construction or architecture.

We have a wide selection of wall covering materials that can be custom designed to fit any public or commercial space such as retail stores, showrooms, museums, hotels and offices.

Our cold stretched fabric wall technology makes installation fast and easy. Due to the lack of heat or water used during production and installation, our commercial stretch wall coverings generate very little waste.

For more visual examples of our custom wall designs, take a look at the before and after photos from past commercial renovations as well as our extensive gallery of photos.