Commercial Ceilings

Custom Commercial Ceiling Coverings

Office renovation with stretch coverings

CLIPSO® creates custom commercial ceiling coverings for innovative public or commercial projects. Our custom ceilings can be made to fit any new construction or renovation need.

Constructing or renovating a public or commercial space by enhancing the audio acoustics and visual aesthetics of the ceiling is one of our specialties. CLIPSO® ceiling coverings are custom manufactured to fit your acoustic needs and/or design aesthetic.

You can create a unique space with either a custom-shaped ceiling or cloud, or by creating a custom print. Select from a library of artwork available through our association with major online photo agencies, talented artists and designers, or we can print and customize any image from your personal files to create full-size custom ceiling pictures and murals.

CLIPSO ceiling coverings are manufactured and installed without heat or water, which means we produce very little waste.

CLIPSO coverings are well suited for public or commercial areas like restaurants, offices, schools, swimming pools, churches, casinos, concert and sports venues, etc.

For more visual examples of our custom ceiling designs, take a look at the  before and after photos from past commercial renovations as well as our extensive gallery of photos.