Printed lightbox for a stadium

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We craft original designs for construction projects & renovations using innovative wall & ceiling coverings. Beautiful, modern & environmentally friendly, our simple materials can make any redecoration vision a reality.


Backlit ceiling for bright spaces

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Our quick-and-easy-to-install wall & ceiling designs do not use heat or water during the installation process. By using the Clipso system, little waste is produced thus minimizing cleanup and disruption time.


Lightbox to decorate your interior

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Our coverings come in all shape & sizes, accommodating any construction or renovation project. We can customize ceilings & walls with large printable photos, designs & artwork thanks to our stretch covering & high definition printing technology.


Environmentally friendly custom printed walls for any athmosphere

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Preserving the environment is a Clipso priority. We reduce our carbon footprint by using sustainable, efficient & long-lasting materials. Our supplies are manufactured without pollution. Clipso is one of the first companies in its industry to receive an A+ label from the French Ministry of Economy, Sustainability & Energy.


Acoustic treatment for an airport terminal

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CLIPSO is known as one of the Leading Manufacturers of PVC-free coverings in wide widths up to 16’8″ (5.1m). Whether new construction or renovation, our global stretch ceiling and wall solutions will please your sense of esthetics, technology and ease of cold and dry fitting. Click here to view our major projects.


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We create custom wall coverings that make your home renovation projects truly unique. Using custom home design images from the talented visual artists and photographers like…

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Renovating public spaces by enhancing the audio acoustics and visual aesthetics of the ceilings is one of our specialties. Our customized ceiling coverings can be…

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